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Zyn 6mg Nicotine Pouches

What is Zyn and what are oral nicotine pouches?

As youth e-cigarette use remains a public health concern a different type of flavored nicotine product is gaining popularity: oral nicotine pouches.

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While You Were Streaming 2022

Tobacco’s starring role

How on-screen tobacco imagery drives youth e-cigarette use and what the entertainment industry can do to change the picture

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Elf Bar JUUL Vuse Puff Bar Breeze Hyde Vape

E-cigarette products sold on the market quadruple in just one year

The number of unique e-cigarette products, many of which come in youth-appealing flavors, more than quadrupled from 453 in June 2021 to 2,023 in June 2022

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Girl looking out window

Quitting vaping? Here are 5 tips for handling nicotine withdrawal

Trying to quit vaping? Since nicotine is what makes e-cigarettes addictive, quitting them is similar to quitting regular cigarettes or other tobacco products.

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Opioid Pill Bottle

The truth about opioids

The Truth About Opioids is helping young people understand the facts about opioids, the risk of addiction and the crucial role they can play in solving the crisis within their communities.

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