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Derrick A.

Chief Information and Cybersecurity Officer, IT

Truth Initiative


As Truth Initiative’s chief information officer, Derrick Butts oversees a team of specialists supporting computing, phone, security, and other information technologies along with enterprise applications.

It is a task for which Butts has considerable leadership and technical expertise. His background includes developing, managing, and architecting secure information enterprise systems.  He is well versed in cyber-security and design strategies, applications interoperability and cloud computing/virtual networking infrastructures. He has advised top executives on business processes, infrastructure improvements and technology refresh efforts to improve the continuity of business operations.

His career spanning two decades in information technology has included positions at major corporations such as Siemens and MCI/WorldCom, as well as in the federal government and the DoD with the U.S. Information Agency/Voice of America and the U.S. Naval Sea Command.

Before joining the Truth Initiative, Butts was president of Continuums Corporation, a business continuity strategy company supporting clients in multiple sectors.

Thanks to the work of Butts and his team, Truth Initiative’s programs are supported by state-of-the-art information technology.

Truth Initiative