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    Youth call on Walgreens to stop selling tobacco at rally outside shareholders meeting

    More than 50 people from across the country rallied outside of the Walgreens shareholders meeting to push the pharmacy chain to stop selling tobacco products

  2. Curriculum Curriculum Curriculum

    Youth Vaping Prevention & Resources to Quit

    To educate America’s students about the health dangers of e-cigarette use and reverse the pervasive youth vaping epidemic, Truth Initiative and Kaiser Perman

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    Why American Spirit cigarettes could be especially dangerous

    New research shows that cigarette pack design elements and descriptors continue to influence smokers.

  4. truth® and BIGS are joining forces to save your taste buds one pack of seeds at a time

    truth and BIGS draw attention to the topic of tobacco, the ways in which its chemicals impact your taste buds and how sunflower seeds can help current smoker

  5. Prescription Drug Safety

    To help young people better understand and navigate the growing prescription drug misuse crisis in our country, Prescription Drug Safety: Know the truth educ

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    3 takeaways from the National Cancer Institute report on tobacco-related health disparities

    A new National Cancer Institute report highlights how tobacco use is highly concentrated among certain population groups.

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    #STOPPROFILING: Tobacco is a social justice issue

    The tobacco industry deliberately singles out communities that already face adversity and inequality with aggressive marketing tactics that equal profiling.<

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    10 popular shows with the most smoking

    Tobacco appears to be making an unwelcome comeback on the small screen, with shows “Stranger Things,” “The Walking Dead” and “Orange Is the New Black” being

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    Research and evaluation

    ​Truth is nothing without facts and data. That’s why each of our initiatives is backed by rigorous research and scientific analysis. By investigating the issues around commercial tobacco use and nicotine addiction — and sharing our findings — we can create the most effective tools and programs to amplify our efforts, inspire action and help people quit.

  10. News Article News Article Research & Resources

    Tobacco and cancer: What are the survival rates?

    Nearly 30 percent of cancer deaths in the United States can be attributed to tobacco use, according to a new report.

  11. News Article News Article Research & Resources

    Great American Smokeout: Quitting smoking could prevent 6 million cancer deaths

    Even as cancer deaths linked to tobacco use have declined over time, about 6 million current smokers may die from tobacco-related cancers unless they quit.

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    Tobacco use in Colorado 2020

    An up-to-date look at tobacco use rates, tobacco control funding, tobacco laws, cessation statistics, and tobacco tax in Colorado.